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Renfe Trains

With our relationship with Renfe comes plenty of new opportunities and offers for our clients. We are always looking for new deals, offers, and specials to make your trip enjoyable and easy.

Renfe tickets help you travel throughout Spain quickly and easily. To make life even easier, they developed a RenfeRailPass

What is the RailPass?

  • Each traveler purchases their own pass
  • Passes are valid for four to twelve train journeys
  • If you purchase a 4-ticket pass, you can travel on four trains

Why should I buy a pass?

  • The pass is a GREAT deal. Tickets are discounted up to 80%
  • You can purchase the pass six months ahead of time, which makes planning easier

Who should buy the RailPass?

  • Anyone can benefit from the rail pass
  • The pass is really useful for traveling through many cities
  • It can also be convenient for going back and forth between cities
  • It is great for families or groups of travelers